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This "simple", Omega Replica, is one of his most attractive offers. What watch would you create if you were given the chance to be creative with the Classic Origin? To answer this question, we need to look back at the popularity of scientific dial watches. In the 1920s, they were introduced as a means to better delineate time. They were also used in pocket and wristwatches.Omega Replica The hour indexes were radiated outward from a circular track. The hour hand will align perfectly to this track, and its position cannot be misunderstood. You would then have a minute track clearly printed on the dial's perimeter that would align the minute hand for maximum clarity. The seconds could be displayed either in a subdial located at 6 o'clock or by a central second hand.

Further, different sectors of the dial would always have different decoration to more fully create a sense of information compartmentalization. In the following decades, Omega and Longines became synonymous with this "scientific" style of watches.

Omega Replica used the sector dial with great effect. This was especially true in his Galet Square, with its Only Watch 2015 piece, and the two limited editions made for Swiss FineTiming in Chicago. He also did a luminous Borealis version. Aurel Bacs is my favorite vintage watch expert and auctioneer. His watch, created with a sector dial, is stunning. Bacs had the idea to create a unique piece for himself, with a sector-dial, around the time that the Micro-Rotor was introduced. He used his vast knowledge to create what can only be described as the most beautiful Omega Replica timepiece of all time. The Richard Mille Replica was so beautiful that it inspired several members of his Phillips team, including Alex Ghotbi, Paul Boutros and other renowned experts, to want to purchase one. The watch became an icon after it was ordered by Auro Montaneri, the legendary historian, author, and collector, ne plus super.

When I was given the opportunity to design something for the Classic Origin platform that used a hand-wound movement, I asked Ferrier to simply create something in spirit of the Aurel Bacs, but without copying it. Ferrier's and Amandine's design was stunning. The dial is a two-tone with a cream centre, surrounded by Arabic markers and a printed sector track. The dial outside of the central area is silver, with circular brushing beneath the indexes. It is opaline underneath the minute track's chemin-de-fer. The seconds are located at 6 o'clock, with a full second track and four enlarged markers on the compass point. Ferrier's signature Assegai model hands have been flame-blued, and I think they contrast beautifully with the cream dial. The Aurel Bacs watches feature different hands, and a different crown style.

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