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Acquazzurra is a strategic partner of the best Italian media companies with the mission of increasing companies' advertising investments through tailor made solutions.

Acquazzurra operates as an advertising space sales agency on all media platforms, with the special feature of receiving as payment the goods or services produced by the advertiser.

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Acquazzurra has been selected to be part of the Elite Program of Italian Stock Exchange, the private market and international network dedicated to the more ambitious companies with a solid business model and clear strategy of growth.



Acquazzurra Club (Aclub) is a point of sale not opened to the public. The access is reserved to the Registered Members, which are approximately 11.000. (*)

Only journalists, employees and agents of publishing houses, dealers and advertising agencies can be associates. 

Each sector is overseen by a Reference Account who is an expert in its sector. Each Account gives assistance and establishes a total trust relationship with the Members. Furthermore, they convey accurately the customer company’s image and philosophy. 


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R10 Design Sharing Space

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In April 2019 Acquazzurra launches R10 with the purpose of concentrating all the matters relate to home furniture and home decor in a company run by experts and professionals.

R10 is an innovative shared showroom, where many different furniture companies take part in a single exhibition project, to amplify the value of their own brand and solutions. 

This is an exclusive space where companies can meet suppliers, customers, and buyers, in the heart of the new smart district of Milan at “Via Rutilia 10”. A special place where design becomes synergy between various prestigious realities.